The 10 Most Successful Coffee Companies in the United Kingdom

Britain loves coffee, and we are becoming choosy about what we drink. Here is a list of the best coffee brands in the UK:

1. COSTA: Costa was named UK’s Favorite coffee brand for the fifth consecutive year in 2014. Costa has over 1750 coffee shops in the UK. It was founded in London by Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa in 1971 and hence given the name ‘Costa’.
2. STARBUCKS: Starbucks owns over 791 coffee shops in the UK. It is a renowned American coffee chain which was founded in Washington, Seattle, in 1971 by three partners; Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker, who were inspired to sell high-quality coffee beans. It expanded in Seattle only by selling espresso.
3. CAFÉ NERO: Café Nero is the Britain’s third largest coffee shop chain. It has over 600 coffee shops in the UK. It is a European style coffee band which was founded by Gerry Ford in 1997, with its headquarters in London. Since 2007 it has been expanding internationally.
4. SOHO: It scores highest in the Ethical Brank rankings of UK coffee franchises and was introduced nearby Cheltenham in 2008. It claims that no two of its stores are the same, with its headquarters in London. It is more about delivering honest coffee and using organic products.

5. Wild bean café: Wild bean café is featured by the British Petroleum (BP), a major oil and gas company. These are on road café which are an exception as the quality and taste has no effect, rather it becomes handy for your busy schedules.

6. M&S café: Apart from selling amazing cloth items, marks and spencer’s sell delicious coffee too. They produce ground coffee and deliver them straight to your doors. Earlier instant coffee was the demand, but now the demand for ground coffee has soared rapidly since few years.

7. Coffee Republic: coffee republic is a British coffee bar founded in 1995 by brother-sister team; Bobby and Sahar Hashemi. It has 25 coffee bars in the UK. There is a special feature about its coffee that the beans are roasted in Italy, giving it a perfect Italian coffee taste.

8. AMT: these are generally located near the railway stations. It was founded by Alistair McCallum Topin and his brothers, Angus and Alan. It has 68 outlets in the UK. They were the first to use organic milk. They now sell more than 240,000 cups of Fairtrade coffee weekly.

9. Muffin break: Muffin Break has 53 outlets in the UK. They use the highest quality Arabica beans sourced from Ethiopia, Brazil and many more. The beans are roasted in their own roasting facility. They have an amazing support network, so if you want to open a franchise, muffin break will always be there.

10. Thornton’s café: Thornton is a British chocolate company founded by Joseph William Thornton in 1911. You can call them, place your order and grab it as you rush to your working place. They serve delicious chocolate too, along with serving amazing coffee.

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