Fall In Love with Coffee

Most people have been consuming coffee all their lives in the mornings, and most swear by it. Drinking coffee was not as cool, back in the previous generation, but now it is so much cooler, all thanks to the movie industry. Who doesn’t love to hang out with friends over a cup of coffee or go on a date in a café parlor? Truly, people have started consuming more coffee than ever before and coffee has now been a symbol of casual setups, over the formal ones.

There have been several debates about whether coffee is good or not and everyday there is some study with a different set of responses. Time and again, researchers come up with blogs and articles which either asks the coffee drinkers to rejoice, for, their coffee is healthy or pointing out how coffee should be stopped with immediate effect since it is being bad for the body. However, we live in a world where everything has dual sides and believing that the same goes true for coffee would be the better solution.

Whatever it might be, coffee is a soul mate for many, like what Rose was to Jack or Juliet was to Romeo. And here is why people just keep falling in love with coffee, over and over again.

  1. Coffee can be nostalgic:

For all the coffee lovers, there are certain flavors, which take them back in time. Be it the ‘Americano’ of Georgia Coffee or the peppermint mochas of the Starbucks, these coffees do remind people about the different times of their past lives. It makes people compare their present to their past and how they have grown up to be a different person to whom they were in the years which went by. The taste buds just have a silly way of hitting the rewind button transporting people back to a time. And everyone loves to reminisce, even though done unconsciously.

  1. Coffee makes people feel profound:

Somehow people just tend to become a little more thoughtful once they consume their first sip of coffee. Whether it just opens up the brain’s wires or whether it’s just the state of mind, it is for the researchers to debate, but coffee sure makes one think deep.

  1. Coffee is the perfect time filler for the habitual early arrivers:

For those who always panic when they need to reach some place in time, making them leave well before time, just to make sure, they never get late, the consequence, so happens that they most of the times end up reaching much earlier, than they should have. In such a situation, the question bugging people’s mind is ‘how to kill the time’? It is here that coffee plays the perfect friend and a partner, helping people to relax and pass their time, over a cup of hot mocha and a book to read maybe!

  1. Perfect excuse for a break:

The coffee is quite literally the perfect excuse to take a break from work. It’s an absolutely acceptable interruption, with even a terminology gracing this excuse-“Coffee Break”!

  1. Coffee for a coffee date:

Perhaps it is the most perfect reason to love coffee; it makes one fall in love. Coffee makes people more attractive due to the caffeine content which gets the heart pumping and the body energized. Coffees are made afternoon dates extend up to evenings, a single cup turning into two to three, lines and words turning to deep conversations.

Coffee is just an icon of the plethora of possibilities which is exactly why people fall in love over coffee, over and over again.


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