We will teach you how to roast!

Dear coffee drinkers and novice coffee makers,

Hormozi & Co. welcomes you to Coffee Land, the ultimate place where you can learn how to roast your coffee right from the comfort of your home.

Who are Hormozi & Co.?

We are a family-operated coffee roastery that delivers finest quality coffee beans not only to cafes and restaurants in every corner of our country, but also right to your doorstep no matter where you are located in UK.

Life is full of beautiful pleasures and coffee is one of the most beautiful indeed. This is exactly why we want to bring you the most out of pleasure in your home by teaching you how to roast your coffee and prepare fabulous coffee drinks.

Coffee Land is a specially designed blog for all the coffee enthusiasts that cannot imagine a day without at least one cup of sublime coffee and want to get a master’s degree in coffee roasting.  We invite you to be one of our loyal visitors to Coffee Land, as we promise you interesting articles with authentic coffee-related information, tips, tricks and much more. We would be very happy to see you sharing your personal opinion, experiences and suggestions about what our articles talk about. Who knows, maybe we will learn something new from YOU, which will be absolutely GREAT!

We truly believe that life is too short to spend it without having the opportunity to taste the delight and bliss of fresh-roasted coffee. This is why we are actually here – to create that opportunity for you that will certainly become your favourite morning routine.

So, keep calm and drink fresh-roasted coffee. Hormozi & Co. salutes you!

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