What to look for in your first coffee grinder

The road to beautiful, lovely and rich espresso in a cup prepared by yourself can be a daunting procedure, especially if you are just getting started in the world of coffee and you are not quite sure how to successfully walk this road and reach your goal – enjoying in your vibrant homemade espresso.

You probably know that fresh-roasted coffee loses its sparkling aromatic notes with time, due to staling, known as its biggest enemy. One of the key factors that cause coffee staling is oxidation, which makes coffee’s oils go rancid and its aromas become dissipated and dim. And this will probably result in an unpleasant coffee-drinking experience, something that is definitely NOT on your ‘coffee-preparation’ list.

So, how to avoid staling and preserve the genuine flavour and aroma of your freshly roasted coffee beans? The answer is very simple. It is called GRINDING. This is why if you want to ensure the most out of coffee pleasure, you need to consider placing a good and quality coffee grinder on your kitchen countertop, right next to the kettle. But, before you jump to the step called ‘opening your wallet and making the buying decision’, it is of the utmost importance to NEVER forget the following coffee-making principle: ‘Not grinding the coffee beans right after roasting and right before brewing, will never take you to the desirable, unique taste offered by a top-shelf coffee.’

old_coffee_grinder-wallpaper-800x600 (1)Why grinding makes an essential part of the coffee-making procedure? Because with grinding, coffee beans are crushed into small pieces, which gives better access to the tasty solubles and having them right into the cup. So, if grinding is that crucial for a successful coffee preparation, being equipped with a versatile grinder is paramount as well.

Since you are a first-time buyer of coffee grinder, stay tuned and find out what you should look for in your first grinder.

  • Doser or Doserless Coffee Grinder?

With a doserless grinder, you are able to grind right into the portafilter. On the other hand, some models of doser coffee grinders have shown to be not that efficient in keeping the coffee’s quality and flavour. This is why you should go for a doserless grinder, although they can be pretty messy, as they tend to ‘spray’ coffee grounds all over the counter.


  • Stepless or Stepped Coffee Grinder?

This special feature refers to changing the grind particle sizes that the coffee grinder spits out. Usually, coffee grinders that come at easy-on-the-pocket prices offer the option to switch from coarse grinding to fine coffee grinding, mostly espresso. Stepless grinders do not provide any setting in terms of grind fineness. When it comes to stepless grinders, look for a model that features high-friction resistive collars that stay fixed during grinding.


  • Digital Timer

Since you are new to grinding, it is highly recommended to look for a coffee grinder that provides the ‘timer option’, because having a grinder with an advanced timer is good for better repletion and the lack of waste. The right coffee grinder should waste no coffee and grind the ideal amount of coffee based on your chosen setting. In other words, this means more coffee (espresso) shots per bag of coffee.





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